Myths About the Flu and the Flu Vaccine

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young girl holding mug of tea
December 2, 2016Post a Comment
Skeptical of the flu vaccine? Here’s why you shouldn’t be.

What to Expect at the End of Your Loved One’s Life-Limiting Illness

General HealthStages of Life
End of Life
December 1, 2016Post a Comment
The end of a life can be a sad event. Many people do not have experience caring for someone during the dying process and find themselves navigating unfamiliar territory. But family members and caregivers can play an important role in providing comfort, dignity, and support to someone entering the final phase of life.

Steps to Health: Holiday Shopping

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presents wrapped under Christmas tree
November 28, 2016Post a Comment
Use a day of holiday shopping to get in plenty of steps!

Your Stomach and Digestive System Issues, Answered.

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stomach and digestive issues
November 22, 2016Post a Comment
This month's Ask The Doctor series focuses on stomach and digestion issues. If you have questions about heartburn, gas, acid reflux, abdominal pain or irritable bowel syndrome, we've got answers from INTEGRIS gastroenterologist Dr. Abbas Raza.

Dementia or Alzheimer’s: Understanding the Differences

General HealthMental Health
Senior man resting hand on side of armchair, close-up of hand
November 21, 2016Post a Comment
As loved ones age, you may begin to notice symptoms of either dementia, Alzheimer’s or other types of mental decline. You may hear people refer to dementia and Alzheimer’s interchangeably. But if you’ve noticed behavior changes that concern you, knowing the differences between dementia and Alzheimer’s can help you better understand your loved one’s needs and well-being.

Unexpected Causes of Lung Cancer

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girl standing by fence looking at lake
November 18, 2016Post a Comment
Non-smokers can get lung cancer, too.

Thursday is the Great American Smokeout

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great american smokeout
November 15, 2016Post a Comment
Did you know the body starts healing itself 20 minutes after your last cigarette?

Family Functions and Fertility

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Close up of Christmas candles with family in the background
November 14, 2016Post a Comment
For people experiencing infertility, the holidays can be a particularly challenging time. Use these self-care strategies to navigate holiday events. Know someone experiencing infertility? Learn how to support your loved one.

Thanksgiving With Diabetes

DiabetesGeneral Health
healthy Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and salad
November 11, 2016Post a Comment
Whether you’re hosting or visiting, make the most of Thanksgiving in a healthy way.

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month

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Hospice Care
November 10, 2016Post a Comment
It’s a subject no one wants to think about, but for every one of us, life eventually must come to an end. Perhaps because it's a scary topic, most people aren't aware of the care choices available to them and their loved ones until they are in midst of dealing with a life-limiting illness.

Becoming a Caregiver

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Grandfather and grandchild holding hands
November 7, 2016Post a Comment
A family caregiver is a demanding role that may include coordinating treatment with various providers, performing at-home medical tasks, and providing mental and emotional support for your loved one. The role may change as you and your loved one go through different phases, but it will be both challenging and rewarding

The Connection Between Diabetes and Heart Attacks

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a diabetic injecting himself with insulin
November 4, 2016Post a Comment
Health professionals are very concerned about this steady rise in diabetes cases. Since November is American Diabetes Month, it's a good time to educate yourself.
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