National Take-Back Day

General Health
pills of various sizes
April 24, 2017Post a Comment
Taking an old painkiller to relieve a headache or borrowing a friend’s medication might not seem like a big deal, but these simple acts are dangerous and considered abuse.

Eat Fish Twice a Week to Protect Your Heart

General HealthHeart Health
eat fish for heart health
April 21, 2017Post a Comment
Studies show eating fish just twice a week can reduce the risk of dying from heart disease by 36 percent.

Celebrating Earth Day: Oklahoma City’s Healthy Events

General HealthHealth Across Oklahoma
Earth Day Plants Growing
April 20, 2017Post a Comment
There are many great events happening around Oklahoma City to celebrate Earth Day. Here is our list.

The Truth About Juice

General HealthNutrition/Weight Loss/Recipes
toddler drinking orange juice
April 17, 2017Post a Comment
As refreshing as juice can be, its nutrition value is debatable.

Got Questions About Bone Broth? We Have Answers.

General HealthNutrition/Weight Loss/Recipes
sipping bone broth
April 14, 2017Post a Comment
Due to unprecedented reader interest, here is a collection of the questions we received about the health benefits of bone broth, with some answers.

Alcohol Across Oklahoma

General HealthHealth Across Oklahoma
April 13, 2017Post a Comment
Oklahoma ranks seventh in the nation for binge drinking risks. According to the CDC, excessive alcohol use costs the state of Oklahoma about $2.4 billion. In honor of Alcohol Awareness Month, know the facts.

Oklahoma Produce & Farmers Markets Comprehensive Guide

General HealthNutrition/Weight Loss/Recipes
Oklahoma Produce and Farmers Markets
April 10, 2017Post a Comment
If you’re not a seasoned farmers market shopper, this is a great year to start eating locally for less.

World Health Day in Oklahoma: Shedding Light on Depression, Anxiety Disorders and PTSD

General HealthMental Health
young person's hand holding older person's hand in support
April 7, 2017Post a Comment
Renowned psychiatrist Dr. Murali Krishna shares valuable information in honor of World Health Day and in remembrance of the events of April 19, 1995.

Mobile Food Markets for Seniors Educate and Fight Hunger

General HealthNutrition/Weight Loss/Recipes
woman at mobile market with shopping cart
April 3, 2017Post a Comment
Oklahoma is one of the top 10 states for food insecurity among seniors, according to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. More than 21 percent of Oklahoma seniors are threatened by hunger. Mobile Food Markets are trying to help.

Basics of Yoga for Seniors

FitnessGeneral HealthMental Health
silhouette of woman doing yoga pose
March 30, 20172 Comments
Think yoga is only for the young and beachy? Think again! Practicing yoga is great exercise at any age, but seniors especially benefit from moves that bring improved posture, sleep quality and pain relief.

How Much Water is Enough?

Ask the ExpertGeneral HealthNutrition/Weight Loss/Recipes
What to do if you hate water
March 28, 2017Post a Comment
We all know water is essential to survive. But what if you hate the taste? An INTEGRIS dietitian explains how much water your body really needs to stay hydrated.
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