Is It Chronic Fatigue or Just Constant Exhaustion?

General Health
chronic fatigue syndrome
March 3, 2017Post a Comment
If you are concerned you might have chronic fatigue syndrome, it is important to understand the difference between fatigue, chronic fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Understanding Post-Stroke Depression

Mental Health
post depression stroke
March 2, 2017Post a Comment
Some depression or sadness is a normal part of the grieving process after a stroke. However, if left untreated, depression can greatly affect a patient’s ability to recover after a stroke.

Basics of Breathing Machines: The CPAP

General Health
bed with white sheets and pillows
February 27, 2017Post a Comment
CPAP breathing machine tips for those with sleep apnea, including how to get started and who pays for the device.

National Nutrition Month: Submit Your Questions to an INTEGRIS Dietitian

Ask the ExpertGeneral HealthNutrition/Weight Loss/Recipes
Ask the Dietitian
February 23, 2017Post a Comment
In honor of National Nutrition Month, an INTEGRIS dietitian will take your questions all month long and answer them every Tuesday on the I On Your Health blog!

Spring Cleaning for Your Health

General Health
woman using duster to clean items on shelves
February 22, 2017Post a Comment
Thoroughly cleaning your home can not only ease your peace of mind, it can be beneficial for your health.

What the New Electronic Medical Record Laws Mean for You

General Health
An old medical chart is examined
February 20, 2017Post a Comment
Technology is becoming more intertwined with the appointment process – and it’s changing the patient experience for the better.

Breathe Your Way to Better Health

General HealthMental Health
breath work
February 18, 2017Post a Comment
Breathing seems so simple. But breathing correctly is one of the best things you can do for better health.

Organ Donation in Oklahoma

General Health
Heart-shaped candy box
February 17, 2017Post a Comment
Every day, nearly 120,000 people across the country wait for a lifesaving organ donation. That list includes more than 900 Oklahomans at any given time.

Basics of Prenatal Vitamins

General Health
pregnant woman holding stomach
February 13, 2017Post a Comment
Prenatal vitamins contain vital nutrients to promote the healthy growth and development of your baby.

There’s More to Heart Disease Than Heart Attacks

General Health
life-size model of a human heart in a science lab
February 10, 2017Post a Comment
The number one killer in Oklahoma is not cancer or accidents or diabetes. It is heart disease, and the rates are alarming.

Cervical Cancer in the News

Women's Health
cervical cancer in the news
February 9, 2017Post a Comment
NFL reporter Erin Andrews recently revealed her secret battle with cervical cancer. Do you know everything you should about this type of cancer, which is highly treatable if caught early?

Staying Healthy on Your Ski Trip

FitnessGeneral Health
person skiing down a mountain
February 7, 2017Post a Comment
Spring break is right around the corner, which means many Oklahomans will be heading to the mountains for skiing and snowboarding. It’s important to stay warm, keep hydrated, guard against sun damage and protect yourself from injuries as you hit the slopes this spring break.
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