Snakes in Oklahoma

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March 27, 20174 Comments
Oklahoma's rocky terrain is prime territory for snakes. Know which ones are most dangerous and what to do if a loved one gets bitten.

The Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

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chia seeds healthy diet
March 24, 2017Post a Comment
Remember Chia Pets? Those very same chia seeds are a whole grain "superfood" packed with fiber and protein that may lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.

Colon Cancer Diagnoses on the Rise in Younger Generations

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group of young adults lined up against a wall
March 23, 2017Post a Comment
If you’ve been reading or watching health news lately, chances are, you’ve seen a wave of news stories about cancer diagnoses on the rise in younger generations. More people in their 20s and 30s are diagnosed with colon cancer than ever before.

Can a Teenage Boy Eat Too Much Protein?

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teenage boys and protein
March 21, 2017Post a Comment
Protein does many great things for a teenage body, like building tissue and helping your teen grow. But is there such a thing as too much protein for an ever-hungry teenage boy?

Marathon Training Tips from a Physician Who Runs

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runner lacing up running shoes
March 20, 2017Post a Comment
Alan Puls, M.D., an INTEGRIS cardiologist who has completed 35 marathons, shares training tips for runners.

Oklahoma Favorite Foods Made Healthier: Buffalo Wings (aka Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Salad)

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buffalo wing alternative
March 17, 2017Post a Comment
Can we remake Oklahoma's favorite foods into healthier dishes? We think so! Here's our take on deconstructed buffalo wings -- all the flavor, none of the saturated fat.

Brain Injury Awareness Week Spotlight on Rehabilitation Therapy

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man practicing walking on injured knee
March 15, 2017Post a Comment
March 13-17 is Brain Injury Awareness Week, so it’s a good time to turn the spotlight to rehabilitation therapy and the therapists who make recovery from traumatic brain injury possible.

Healthy and Quick Snacks for Growing Teens

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healthy food for growing teens
March 14, 2017Post a Comment
Teens' growing bodies need a lot of fuel, but you can make sure they are choosing healthy and quick snacks that satisfy them and keep them full longer.

What Happens to Your Brain in a Concussion

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foggy sports playing field
March 13, 2017Post a Comment
For Brain Injury Awareness Week, Dr. Robb Matthews with INTEGRIS is sharing concussion facts every parent and caretaker should know.

The Surprising Health Benefits of Turmeric

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health benefits of turmeric
March 10, 2017Post a Comment
Current medical research is confirming what has been understood in India and Asia for thousands of years - turmeric may offer a large number of health benefits for your body and brain.

National Kick Butts Day

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cigarette butts in an ashtray
March 9, 2017Post a Comment
Kick Butts Day events in Oklahoma empower our state's youth to be tobacco-free for life.

Diet Recommendations That Can Help Relieve Anxiety

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healthy apple
March 7, 2017Post a Comment
An INTEGRIS dietitian explores the correlation between diet and anxiety.
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