Oklahoma Produce & Farmers Markets Comprehensive Guide

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Oklahoma Produce and Farmers Markets
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April is an exciting time in Oklahoma. Not only is spring in full effect, it also marks the start of the Oklahoma farmers market season. Local enthusiasts rejoice since you can finally head to your favorite local farmers market and enjoy all the fresh, organic fruits and vegetables of this year’s growing season.

Throughout the months of April through October, the Oklahoma City metro has 12 available local markets and more across the state. With such a variety, it’s easy to support our local farmers and live a healthy lifestyle.

Support local farmers and education

When you shop locally, you’re helping our state by fueling the local economy and building relationships in the community. Also, farmers markets are a great place to take your family to learn about the origin of local produce. The vibrant colors and fresh smells can get even the pickiest kids excited to eat their fruits and veggies.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables

The health benefits of seasonal produce, when eaten at the peak of ripeness, are much higher than eating out-of-season produce. Most out-of-season produce is commonly shipped from various locations across the world, meaning most of the produce is harvested before it’s ripe. Aside from health benefits, seasonal produce also has a superior taste — the difference is clear once you try it. If you’re wondering which months your favorite Oklahoma produce is in season, take a look at the ONIE guide for seasonal produce.

Eating locally for less

If you’re not a seasoned farmers market shopper, this is a great year to start. Why? The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients in Oklahoma bring home more healthy fruits and vegetables from local farmers. With the Fair Food Network’s “Double Up” initiative, up to 20 dollars of SNAP benefits per day can be matched for eligible purchases at local farmers markets. Sign up by checking the Double Up website’s map of the nine participating farmers markets in Oklahoma.

2017 opening dates for OKC metro farmers markets

Below you will find a list of the metro’s farmers market opening dates for the season.

2017 openeing dates for OKC metro farmers market

For more information about farmers markets in the metro, view our extensive list and map of locations to find the best market for you and your family.

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