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What You Should Know About Pacifiers and Breastfeeding Newborns

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ways to soothe a newborn baby
July 21, 2017Post a Comment
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends avoiding pacifiers for the first four weeks of life, until breastfeeding is well-established. Why is this?

What You Should Know About Cord Blood

General HealthWomen's Health
July 13, 2017Post a Comment
It's a personal decision to make for your family, but cord blood banking has many advantages and can potentially protect your little one against several diseases and disorders in the future.

Kegel Exercises to Prevent Female Leakage

Ask the ExpertGeneral HealthWomen's Health
pelvic floor exercises
June 30, 2017Post a Comment
An INTEGRIS physical therapist explains how to do Kegel exercises correctly to strengthen your pelvic floor.

What You Need to Know About Feminine Leakage

Ask the DoctorGeneral HealthWomen's Health
June 1, 2017Post a Comment
Dr. Dena O'Leary, an INTEGRIS urogynecologist, discusses female incontinence. It's highly treatable, although many women are too embarrassed to speak to their doctors about it.

National Women’s Health Week Spotlight: Your Pelvic Health Questions, Answered

Ask the DoctorGeneral HealthWomen's Health
woman in navy blue shirt holding stomach
May 18, 2017Post a Comment
For National Women's Health Week, INTEGRIS urogynecologist Dr. Arielle Allen answers the pelvic health questions readers submitted over social media.