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Integrative Medicine Minute with Juli Johnson #1: What is Integrative Medicine?

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August 9, 20171 Comment
Welcome to your Integrative Medicine Minute, a new series where an expert explains Integrative Medicine therapies like acupuncture, mindfulness, meditation and diet in short, informative videos.

National Women’s Health Week Spotlight: What is Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

General HealthVideosWomen's Health
May 17, 2017Post a Comment
Dr. Dena O'Leary, an INTEGRIS urogynecologist, tells you what you need to know about the hidden medical epidemic estimated to afflict 40 percent of all women.

National Women’s Health Week Spotlight: Urinary Tract Infections

General HealthVideosWomen's Health
May 16, 2017Post a Comment
Studies estimate nearly half of all women will have a urinary tract infection in their lifetime. Dr. Benjamin Barenberg, an INTEGRIS urogynecologist, busts the myths surrounding this uncomfortable infection.

Men’s Health Month Spotlight: Prostate Cancer

CancerHealth Across OklahomaVideos
June 22, 2016Post a Comment
Cancer is the leading cause of death in older men in Oklahoma, and prostate cancer is one of the most diagnosed. Dr. Michael Holzer, an INTEGRIS urologist, talks warning signs, screenings and treatment.

Local Breast Cancer Survivor Shares Her Story

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October 13, 2015Post a Comment
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A sobering fact: one in eight women will develop breast cancer. But when breast cancer is detected early enough, the survival rate is 98 percent.