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Sugar Showdown: Which Sweetener is the Best?

General HealthNutrition/Weight Loss/Recipes
September 18, 2017Post a Comment
With so many different sweeteners and false advertisements, it can be confusing to determine which sweetener is the best option for your health. We consulted Brent Wilson, a registered dietitian at INTEGRIS, to get his perspective.

Eating Oklahoma Mushrooms: Nutritious and Delicious

General HealthNutrition/Weight Loss/Recipes
mushrooms in a basket
August 21, 2017Post a Comment
Trying flavorful dishes featuring mushrooms can create a path to a healthier overall diet.

Is Juicing Actually Healthy?

Ask the ExpertNutrition/Weight Loss/Recipes
August 16, 2017Post a Comment
Can juicing really help with weight loss or detoxing, or is the juice craze just another fad?

Integrative Medicine Minute with Juli Johnson #1: What is Integrative Medicine?

Ask the ExpertGeneral HealthNutrition/Weight Loss/RecipesVideosWomen's Health
August 9, 20171 Comment
Welcome to your Integrative Medicine Minute, a new series where an expert explains Integrative Medicine therapies like acupuncture, mindfulness, meditation and diet in short, informative videos.

Oklahoma Favorite Foods Made Healthier: Fried Okra

Nutrition/Weight Loss/Recipes
oven fried okra is healthier
August 4, 20172 Comments
Can we remake Oklahoma's favorite foods into healthier dishes? We think so! Here's our take on a healthier fried okra.