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Navigating the Gym with Arthritis

FitnessGeneral Health
man in gym exercising with arthritis
May 8, 2017Post a Comment
Low-impact cardio and gentle strength training can actually help alleviate pain from arthritis.

Basics of Yoga for Seniors

FitnessGeneral HealthMental Health
silhouette of woman doing yoga pose
March 30, 20172 Comments
Think yoga is only for the young and beachy? Think again! Practicing yoga is great exercise at any age, but seniors especially benefit from moves that bring improved posture, sleep quality and pain relief.

Marathon Training Tips from a Physician Who Runs

FitnessGeneral Health
runner lacing up running shoes
March 20, 2017Post a Comment
Alan Puls, M.D., an INTEGRIS cardiologist who has completed 35 marathons, shares training tips for runners.

Staying Healthy on Your Ski Trip

FitnessGeneral Health
person skiing down a mountain
February 7, 2017Post a Comment
Spring break is right around the corner, which means many Oklahomans will be heading to the mountains for skiing and snowboarding. It’s important to stay warm, keep hydrated, guard against sun damage and protect yourself from injuries as you hit the slopes this spring break.