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Fitness Opportunities for OKC Seniors

FitnessGeneral HealthStages of Life
September 1, 2017Post a Comment
Staying active and alert helps reduce the risk of many health concerns brought on by aging, while also helping you maintain a better quality of life.

Integrative Medicine Minute with Juli Johnson #2: Why an Anti-Inflammatory Diet is Important for Good Health

Ask the ExpertFitnessMental Health
August 18, 2017Post a Comment
Welcome to your Integrative Medicine Minute, a new series where an expert explains Integrative Medicine therapies in short, informative videos. Today's tip focuses on an anti-inflammatory diet and why it's so important for good health.

Calendar of Fall’s Healthy Family Events in Oklahoma

FitnessGeneral HealthHealth Across Oklahoma
white sneakers in fall leaves
July 27, 20171 Comment
Recent high temperatures have us dreaming of cool weather, turning leaves and all the fun local events happening this fall in Oklahoma. Enrich your season with some of these family friendly, healthy events in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas.

The Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Tai Chi

FitnessGeneral Health
Tai Chi has physical and mental health benefits
June 21, 2017Post a Comment
Tai Chi is known as "meditation with movement." It's great for people of all fitness levels who want to improve their health. Here is what to expect from your first class.

Navigating the Gym with Arthritis

FitnessGeneral Health
man in gym exercising with arthritis
May 8, 2017Post a Comment
Low-impact cardio and gentle strength training can actually help alleviate pain from arthritis.