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Basics of Sunscreen

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June 7, 2017Post a Comment
As summer commences in Oklahoma, many of us are eager to get outside, relax by the pool and add a summer glow to our winter skin. We trust our sunscreens to protect us from sunburn, but new research suggests what we thought we knew about sunscreen may not be true.

Melanoma Monday: More Important than Ever for Men

CancerGeneral Health
man running on rural road in sunshine
May 1, 2017Post a Comment
Skin cancer incidents, including deadly melanoma cases, are on the rise among men.

Colon Cancer Diagnoses on the Rise in Younger Generations

CancerGeneral Health
group of young adults lined up against a wall
March 23, 2017Post a Comment
If you’ve been reading or watching health news lately, chances are, you’ve seen a wave of news stories about cancer diagnoses on the rise in younger generations. More people in their 20s and 30s are diagnosed with colon cancer than ever before.

The Surprising Health Benefits of Turmeric

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health benefits of turmeric
March 10, 20171 Comment
Current medical research is confirming what has been understood in India and Asia for thousands of years - turmeric may offer a large number of health benefits for your body and brain.

National Kick Butts Day

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cigarette butts in an ashtray
March 9, 2017Post a Comment
Kick Butts Day events in Oklahoma empower our state's youth to be tobacco-free for life.